Number of Points

  1. Points : Learner

    New member acquiring first experience.

    Awarded 75 times

  2. Points : Instructed

    Member that "moves" almost safely in the forum.

    Awarded 38 times

  3. Points : Competent

    Member that is steadfastly established in the forum.

    Awarded 35 times

  4. Points : Expert

    Member that is fully integrated and very active.

    Awarded 5 times

  5. Points : Master

    Member who acts masterfully in the forum and is highly active.

    Awarded 2 times

  6. Points : Enlightened

    Member with almost supernatural forum abilities and almost unattainable activity.

    Awarded 3 times

  7. Points : Infinite

    Member that makes every element of the forum light up and show divine activity.

    Awarded 0 times