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Urban Terror – Download – ( Step 1 ) :

First „Urban Terror“ must be downloaded AND then UNPACKED into a directory of your choice.

In the following archive you can find ALL VERSIONS for the following operating systems at the same time:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Apple OS ( Mac OS )
  • Linux

Urban Terror : MULTI DOWNLOAD : Windows + Linux + Mac-OS – „Unpacking“ version.

Urban Terror – Download – ( Step 2 ) :

Finally, you MUST also download the ADDITIONAL levels for „Urban Terror“. These levels will then be unzipped into the following subfolder of the „Urban Terror“ folder



So download the following archive

DOWNLOAD : Additional level files

and unzip THESE files into the following folder of „Urban Terror“ :


DOWNLOAD : Additional level files.

Urban Terror – Starting the different versions :

When everything is done and in „Urban Terror“ also the ADDITIONAL levels have been unpacked into the target directory, the operating systems are ready:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Apple OS ( Mac OS )
  • Linux

Different start files :

Quake3-UrT.exe = Game launch – Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Quake3-UrT.i386 = Game launch – Linux 32 Bit

Quake3-UrT.x86_64 = Game launch – Linux 64 Bit

\\ = Game launch Folder for Mac-OS

Information about Urban Terror :

„Urban Terror“ was originally developed as „MOD“ for „Quake 3 Arena“. „Frozen Sand“ then developed the original „MOD“ into a „STAND ALONE“ game. This game was first released as freeware in April 2007 under the name „Urban Terror“.

T.S.A Urban Terror : Selection of Equipment.

„Urban Terror“ is played in various e-sports groups such as :

Urban Zone

The current 4.x.x version 4.3.4 was released on 21 June 2018. This is also the version used in T.S.A. ( Status : 2021 )

T.S.A Urban Terror : Enemy contact ends deadly.

A special feature of Urban Terror, by the way, is the possibility to pull yourself up on walls. In the original Quake 3 engine this was not provided for.

A planned version 5.x is under development since 2016. However, we will continue to offer version 4.3.x on the T.S.A servers for the following time.

T.S.A Urban Terror : Opposing group is attacking.

You can see the years of development of the game. It can definitely keep up with the original Counterstrike. The graphics still look passable despite the age and the aging Quake 3 engine.

T.S.A Urban Terror : Selection of the different types of weapons.

Urban Terror consists of a still active community of players. On the developer web site you can get extensive information, tips and tricks around the game „Urban Terror“.

T.S.A Urban Terror : The enemy is taken by surprise.

Further information can be found on the developer page of Urban Terror mentioned above.

First steps in Urban Terror :

Urban Terror is it ? Okay. Urban Terror itself is similar to Counter Strike except that it is a bit more colourful, you can pull yourself up on buildings and it is COMPLETELY FREE.

T.S.A. offers you a MAIN Server and a RESERVE Server.

Address of the MAIN server :

Address of the RESERVE server :

However, we usually give the address of the MAIN server if it is also ONLINE.

However, it is NOT possible to connect directly via the menu. You must connect to the T.S.A. server via the input console. The reason for this is that we must enter a password BEFORE to connect to the T.S.A. server.

How this works, you can see now HERE :

first you have to go to the main menu of „Urban Terror“.

T.S.A Urban Terror : Step 01 – Enter the main menu of Urban Terror.

Once you are in the main menu, you must enter the INPUT CONSOLE.

Press the :

^ KEY and then the ENTER / RETURN KEY.

The INPUT CONSOLE should open and it should look something like this:

T.S.A Urban Terror : Step 02 – Enter the Text Input Console.

First we have to enter the SERVER PASSWORD in the console. This should be given BEFORE by the T.S.A SERVER OPERATORS.

The password must be entered as in the following example, but instead of * * * * * * * – the CORRECT T.S.A SERVER PASSWORD must be entered. So enter the following :

/password * * * * * *

then press the ENTER / RETURN KEY

T.S.A Urban Terror : Step 03 – /password Input and press ENTER / RETURN key.

After that you can enter the T.S.A SERVER address into the console. Enter the following – ( EXAMPLE – Login to the MAIN Server ):


then press the ENTER / RETURN KEY.

T.S.A Urban Terror : Step 04 – Enter /connect the-solaris-agency.[net][org]:11000 and press the ENTER / RETURN key.

If you have entered everything correctly, you should be able to enter the server. This will look similar to the following picture.

T.S.A Urban Terror : Step 05 – The server is now ready to give you access.

So far it is done. Now you have to choose your group that is still free and then you can assemble your weapons and equipment.

That was it.

Have fun with the T.S.A Urban Terror server.

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