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Minecraft Spiel – Download :

First, the Minecraft Client must be downloaded for the relevant machine:

Minecraft Download Portal.

Acquisition of Minecraft :

If you do not own the original Minecraft, you must purchase the game ONE TIME and register with the manufacturer.

Please note the following :

  • It is not allowed to play with an illegal copy of Minecraft on the T.S.A. server.
  • Only the following people can play Minecraft on the T.S.A server:Artists Mitglieder.
    • Team Member
    • Supporters
    • Honour Member
    • Close Friends
    • DevLab Member

Register user and purchase Minecraft.

T.S.A Minecraft – Server Address :

After starting Minecraft, you select „Multiplayer“. You can find the server at the following address :

Your player name must be registered in the game BEFORE by an administrator, otherwise you can NOT enter the server.

If the T.S.A Teamspeak Server is displayed as OFFLINE then click on it and wait for about 20 to 30 seconds. The server needs this time to be available again if it was in sleep mode. First click on „UPDATE“ and then on the link again. The server should now be available !


The attempt to gain unauthorised access WITHOUT registration by a system administrator is prohibited and will be reported as appropriate!

Information about the game Minecraft :

Minecraft is the most famous Open World game there is in the world. You can explore the world freely, mine and combine resources. Grow plants and animals, search for precious metals in caves and fight monsters.

T.S.A Minecraft : Multi-room building.

Minecraft on the T.S.A Server is designed as a multiplayer game. You can face the challenges of the world together with other players, build buildings together, go hunting together.

T.S.A Minecraft : Forest rock area with foxes.

The first version of Minecraft was released on 17 May 2009 and the first full version was available from 18 November 2011.

Minecraft has been refined and expanded over the years. Besides the main world there is also the so-called „Nether“ which can be called a kind of „underworld“. This is not exactly suitable to „live“ there but offers interesting resources that can be used in the main world. To enter this „underworld“ you have to build a portal.

T.S.A Minecraft : Villagers at work.

There is also the world with the characteristic name „The End“, where you can virtually fight a boss battle. The access to it is protected by well hidden fortresses and you should only start the journey to the „end“ with armour and strong weapons.

T.S.A Minecraft : Crafting Menu ( modified for T.S.A )

For Minecraft T.S.A. provides a modified graphic package server as well as a direct download which follows directly after this chapter.

Download : Minecraft Resource Pack – T.S.A modified.

First steps in Minecraft :

Welcome to T.S.A Minecraft.

You are NEW ? fine, then let’s start building a house – because as soon as night falls, all kinds of monsters come out of the corner.

First of all we need wood which we get from the trees. ( logical, where else… )

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 01 – Cutting down trees. ( about 20 blocks )

We then have to use our own craft skills to turn the logs into wooden cubes. To do this we call up the following menu and place ALL logs in our „processing boxes

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 02 – Convert the log into a wooden cube and then drag it to the BOTTOM bar !

Then we pull the converted wooden cubes into one of the lowest bars. ( Only from there we can access our items DIRECTLY in the game by mouse wheel ! )

Did you convert the logs into cubes ? Yes ? SUPER !

First we build ourselves a hut. Find a safe place. ( Building into the water or about 5 blocks in the air – ( A tree house ). But if you want to build on the ground, then protect your house provisionally with a wall or ditch of 2 blocks height or depth.

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 03 – Building a house. ( min. 5×5 blocks long and wide )

Hopefully we now have a house that offers at least 3×3 blocks of space inside and therefore together with the wall – 5×5 blocks must also be at least large.

Before we can build any further we need a workbench. With a workbench we are able to produce larger and more complex objects. So we start and build a workbench.

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 04 – Building a workbench

Now place the workbench in your house in the upper left or upper right corner.

Now we have a house, a workbench and a 24 / 7 / 365 days continuous operation for zombies and other nasty enemies.

So that not everyone can enter a house the way they want to, people have invented something that has become known as a DOOR. This is exactly the kind of object we want to produce next. For this we have to use the workbench for the first time and need some wood.

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 05 – Making a door on the workbench.

You did it? Clean! We put the door in front of the entrance and our house is SAFE !

Something that is also „vital“ in Minecraft is its own starting point. To set it yourself you need a „BED“ !

If, for example, the player or players lie down at NIGHT, the night will end in just a few seconds and the NEW STARTING POINT will be where you last slept when the player dies.

To build a bed we need 3 times wool and 3 times wood cubes. So we find one to 3 sheep and slaughter them.

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 06 – Hunt and slaughter sheep.

Now that we have the wool, we return to our small cosy house and build the bed.

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 07 – Build a bed and sleep in it at night beginning.

Then stand in the entrance of your house and place the bed. It needs at least 2 fields of space.

T.S.A Minecraft : Step 08 – Placing the bed.

As soon as it gets dark, you lie down in it for the first time. Minecraft will then set your new starting point at the bed.

You have now completed the first steps in Minecraft, so how it continues is up to you.

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