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    The forum of "The Solaris Agency , DevLab , TRISTAR" consists not only of basic and important rules which should ensure a peaceful and respectable coexistence, but also of behavior, which should ensure the function and efficiency of the forum. The following points must therefore be taken into account.

    § 1 Interaction with other forum participants

    • For private conversations there is the possibility to use the internal communication system, which is also known to some as "PRIVATE MESSAGE SYSTEM".
    • You should never publicly state your exact address in the open forums. If you exchange addresses, you should make sure that...
      1. This information NEVER be written in the public areas in posts.
      2. The information will NOT be made available to any other forum member.
      3. Trust the person you are giving this information to.
    • If you can contribute something helpful to a topic, add your contribution to the topic.
    • Be friendly and respectful even if it is difficult. If in doubt, wait a little with the answer. There is also the possibility to report a post if it is inappropriate.
    • There is the possibility to BLOCK other users for direct contact or in addition to that also to BLOCK their content..

    § 2 Topics handling

    • Posts should be posted in the correct groups. Please be aware of this and if you have accidentally posted something in the wrong area, please move that post to the correct area or ask a MODERATOR or ADMINISTRATOR to do so.
    • Posts should always have replies that are related to the original post. If you want to write about something else then open a separate post for this and do not deviate completely from the original topic.
    • If you have a question, please check the forum search function FIRST to see if an answer to your question already exists.
    • If you have asked a QUESTION and found a SOLUTION, then write the SOLUTION in your post. In this way you will help not only the users of the forum itself, but also - if the area is public - other users of the entire Internet.
    • Use the "TAGS" function for topics that are not already specifically topic-bound. It helps a lot when searching in the forum, if topics are described with "TAGS". "TAGS" are by the way nothing else like keywords..
    • In corresponding forum areas there is the possibility to select the topic in advance. If your topic is listed there, please select it. If there is no match there, then simply select "OTHER"..
    • UPDATE your posts when something has changed such as...
      1. A link has changed or no longer exists. ( Then please adjust / delete )
      2. An event OR date has changed / is in the past. ( Then please adjust / add note ).
      3. A piece of information is NOT valid / wrong anymore. ( Please then at least write a note at the beginning of the post )
      4. An imformation has been UPDATED. ( Please then add to the post or write the link to the update at the beginning. )

    § 3 Files and attachments

    The forum itself offers the possibility to upload file attachments but this option was DEACITIVERT respectively the request that where the possibility is still given, this is NOT used. The background here is that the file structure and database of the forum is not flooded with file attachments and thus the forum is kept "CLEAN".

    • Temporary or time-limited uploads that concern T.S.A ( all areas ) please upload to the T.S.A Cloud and then link in the corresponding post. ( Please DO NOT use the function "FILE APPENDICES" in the forum ! )
    • Permanent data whose T.S.A concern like - digital art from the areas of graphics, video, sound, code etc. or DevLab data should be uploaded either FIRST in the cloud storage and then in the contribution link OR if it's for the Web Admin possible, that the file will be directly linked into the C.M.S. If the link of a file changes e.g. from temporary = CLOUD - to fixed = CMS, then please also correct the link in the respective post..
    • According to the structure, the community does not have the possibility to upload file attachments to the forum. If a file is to be made available there, it must be made available via a separate web space / separate cloud link.
    • Avatars of team members must provided as "RAW" file to the administrator(s) of the forum so that they can then - if necessary - adjust and add the avatar. Community members can only receive an avatar in the same way if they are actively involved in the forum or at least generally in T.S.A, DevLab or TRISTAR.
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