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Battle for Wesnoth – Download :

First, „Battle for Wesnoth“ must be downloaded for the corresponding operating system. Battle for Wesnoth“ is available for the following operating systems.

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Apple OS ( Mac OS )
  • Linux

The version of Battle for Wesnoth is always available for Windows and Mac-OS and must be


The Linux version however is

to UNPACK and then to COMPOSE.

Battle for Wesnoth: DOWNLOAD: Windows – 32 Bit + 64 Bit – Installations Version.
Battle for Wesnoth : DOWNLOAD : Mac-OS – 32 Bit + 64 Bit – Installation Version.
Battle for Wesnoth : DOWNLOAD : Linux 32 bit + 64 bit „unzip and compile“ version.

Battle for Wesnoth – Server Address :

After the start of Battle for Wesnoth you select „Online“ and then the menu item „Enter server address“. You can find the server under FOLLOWING IP address :

and additionally at the address :

If the MAIN server is NOT accessible, there is still the RESERVE server. This runs under the following address :

and additionally at the address :

In the lobby of „Battle for Wesnoth“ the players can then meet on the T.S.A. server and as soon as ALL planned players have logged in, the game can be started.

Information about the Game Battle for Wesnoth

The original development of „Battle for Wesnoth“ started in 2003 and was inspired by the game „Masters and Monster“.

Battle for Wesnoth : Focus on the opponent.

In the game it is often about beating the leader, but often there are also targets to take out the opponent in a fixed number of rounds. But there can also be the requirement to survive a certain number of rounds.

Battle for Wesnoth : Units in detail.

By occupying villages, you can provide your unit with additional healing and earn additional gold. Gold is the only currency in the game and is needed to recruit new units and for other tasks concerning the units.

Battle for Wesnoth : Train units.

It is important in combat to know the values and abilities of the units. Also the landscape and the time of day sometimes have an influence on the combat characteristics.

Battle for Wesnoth : Units in use.

There are different races to fight against. Dwarves, elves, humans but also undead. Each of these races has advantages and disadvantages that need to be known.

Battle for Wesnoth :Graphically beautiful stories.

The single player missions are also beautifully told graphically. The focus, however, is on the T.S.A. servers for „Battle for Wesnoth“ where up to 4 players can compete against each other.

A 1 player against 1 player OR or 2 players against 2 players – multiplayer play is therefore quite possible. T.S.A. provides everything that is necessary here free of charge.

Battle for Wesnoth : A beautifully drawn game card.

And now – Have fun with the T.S.A servers and „Battle for Wesnoth“.

First steps in Battle for Wesnoth :

Once the game has started, we first select the „MORE PLAYERS“ mode from the menu on the RIGHT side.

Battle for Wesnoth : Select more players from the menu on the right.

Then enter the OWN player name and select „Connect to a SERVER“.

Battle for Wesnoth : Enter the player name AND select „Connect to a server“.

Next, the server domain is selected such as


Battle for Wesnoth : Specify server domain AND port.

We assume that this game is NEW for us. Therefore we play the „INTRODUCTION“ of „Battle for Wesnoth“ and present you HERE also the FIRST part of the introduction.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Game Start.

The first thing we have to decide is whether we want to play KONRAD or LI’SAR. For the introduction we decide to play Konrad.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Character Selection.

We start in a castle. An old wizard is already waiting for us to explain the basics of „Battle for Wesnoth“.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – The Trainer.

In the next step we will have our tasks displayed.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – The Tasks.

We now move on to the scope of our unity.

There are different ranges that a unit can move per round.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – The movement radius of the current unit.

In the next step we will finally talk to the magician who will introduce us to „Battle for Wesnoth“.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – meeting with our Instructor.

The first opponent is now facing us. The training can begin.

We start by looking at the fighting abilities of Konrad and the opponent.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – compare opponent vs. own game figure.

It is important to make sure that the leader does not die in Battle for Wesnoth. ( The leader has a crown ADDITIONAL as symbol )

If the leader dies, in most cases the game is lost.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – The own Leader.

When all operations have been carried out by the player, he must click on „FINISH ROUND“.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Ending the Round.

Sometimes there are also villages in the game.

If you move a wounded unit to a village and end the round there, the unit will be healed.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Information on Healing

In the following picture you can see how the player is healed…

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – A Unit is healed in the Village.

You can also train new units according to the amount of gold you have.

To train units the leader MUST be INSIDE his castle !

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Back to your own Castle.

In the next picture the menu is now called up to form units.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Unit training Menu.

In the next picture a unit is created. You can also give it an OWN name if you wish.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Create a unit and assign a Name.

On the RIGHT side of the game, the skills of the CURRENTLY selected character are displayed.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – data of the currently selected Unit.

His OWN unit can also, depending on the TYPE, sometimes be command CLOSE-COMBAT and LONG-DISTANCE combat attacks.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Melee and ranged combat options.

Completion of part 1 of the introduction

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – completion of part 1 of the Introduction.

That was it with the FIRST part of the introduction.

If „Battle for Wesnoth“ is still new to you, then open the main menu and start the „INTRODUCTION“.

Battle for Wesnoth : Introduction – Start of the introduction in Battle for Wesnoth

Have fun on the T.S.A Server with

Battle for Wesnoth

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